The initiative "Youth for peace in the Caucasus!"

Dear friends and colleagues!

On Tuesday, August 12, the news about cessation of the "operation of peace coercion" in South Ossetia and Georgia came out.

But we all understand that this is not a guarantee for removing tension in the conflict zone and in the hearts of those who were affected by this tragedy in one or another way.

Our community includes people from different countries, and these days we receive from them, actually - from YOU, very different news, different appraisal of the events - by telephone, by post, by SKYPE, etc. Unfortunately, many of them show that mass media and politicians often use their power to incite hate between people, justify shots and murders, thus postponing the restoration of peace in the Caucasus.

Due to this fact we appeal to you to join the initiative "Youth for peace in the Caucasus!" - (

The web-site "Youth for peace in the Caucasus!" is the initiative of young human rights defenders and civil activists who consider that a peacemaking mission should be carried out without using weapons, and do not agree with the politicians of Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia who had not found words to come to an agreement and unleashed the war between brotherly nations in August 2008.

The web-site is intended to promote the idea of solidarity with all people who suffered from this war, of help to its victims, necessity to alleviate conflict consequences, and restoration of peace in the Caucasus. At the web-site you can find statements of the human rights defenders from other international organizations, images of peace, epigraphs of peace (antiwar quotations from books, songs, etc.), films of peace (list of antiwar films with annotations), messages of journalists and eye-witnesses from conflict zones and analytic articles of different authors.

But, most important, at the web-site there is the list of actions which can be undertaken by everyone to express his/her antiwar position and to make his/her contribution to peace in the Caucasus.

Coordinators of the initiative "I am for peace in the Caucasus"

Dmitri Makarov,
Andrey Cheremnykh,
Anastasia Nikitina,
Sergey Sabanov,
and others :) ...

We will be grateful for your activity,
your responses, ideas and proposals

by e-mail -,
as well as by telephone of the YHRM Administrative Centre
in Voronezh: +7 4732 94 92 54.

See this page in Russian


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