Statement of the Russian participants IN YHRM on the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia

of the Russian participants
of the International Network - Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM)
on the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia

In Russian

For a few days already Russia is at war. A war which is going on on our behalf, but in breach both of the UN mandate and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. A war called a "peacemaking operation", but leading to the death of civilians. A war that every new day is motivated with more and more lies and seeds more and more hatred. A war which is accompanied with inaction of the world's intergovernmental organizations and mutual accusations of double standards.

Though the war is taking place on one territory, the hatred, the interethnic discord and the militaristic propaganda are spreading far beyond its borders, and thereby the war affects not only our friends and colleagues in the zone of military actions - it has also come to our towns and to our homes.

We believe neither in the declarations about "restoring constitutional order", nor in those about the "peace coersion". We have no wish to justify the actions of the ruling regimes of neither countries, nor to choose sides in the conflict. Our sympathy is with those who are hostages of the madness of politicians, no matter what nationality they are or which side of the conflict they belong to. Our sympathies are not with those who give the orders to drop the bombs, but with those on whom the bombs fall. Not with those who decide where to move the troops, but with those who have to leave their homes in search of asylum. Not with those who are looking for the right terms to identify what is going on now in Georgia, but with those who have to live there in war conditions.

We believe that we, as citizens of Russia, are now obliged to voice our opposition to the war, to disseminate truthful information about the situation and to hinder the propagation of hatred, aggression and militaristic propaganda, to assist in a speedy halt to the military actions and in the intervention of the international community, to support the actions of the humanitarian organizations helping the victims of the war.

We support the idea of the Georgian and Russian human rights defenders to form a special working group consisting of human rights and civil society activists and representatives of the international organizations which would ensure an independent analysis of the situation, assist in preventing and eliminating human rights violations, and also act as a guarantor in the process of ceasing violence and rehabilitation of the victims, and assess the situation from the point of view of the international law.

We call upon journalists to refrain from inflaming discord and using the hate speech, not to let themselves become instruments of the state propaganda and to cover the situation from the point of view of a human being and not that of the conflicting sides or the "state interests".

We call upon the international organizations which have upholding peace and security as their task (the UN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe) not to keep silent, but to insist on ceasing the military actions and to direct their first and foremost actions on helping the victims and internally displaced persons - in cooperation with the NGOs of Georgia and other countries.

We call upon the non-governmental organizations to assist in disseminating objective information in their countries, to join us in the demand of stopping the war and to support the efforts aiming at establishing peace in the region and resuming dialogue.

We call upon the participants and correspondents of the International Network - Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM), other civil activists and human rights defenders to join our efforts by supporting our statement or performing any of the simple actions aimed at the peaceful resolution of the conflict.


Participants and honorary participants of
the International Network - Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM)

Irina Aksenova
Konstantin Baranov
Ludmila Burdacheva
Victoria Gromova
Maria Gordeeva
Anna Dobrovolskaya
Elena Dudukina
Liubov Zakharova
Natila Zvyagina
Dmitri Makarov
Artem Marchenkov
Alexandra Nazarova
Anastasia Nikitina
Alena Ob'ezdchikova
Anastasia Platonova
Sergey Sabanov
Tatiana Serpukhova
Andrey Cheremnykh


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